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Send Them A Meal!

Do you ever need a meal for a friend who had a baby?  Food for a meeting or church event?  Need a sympathy meal and want something home cooked but you are crazy busy?  Just want a family meal for your household one day a week to take the pressure off?  


LET US DO THE COOKING!  And if needed we can do the delivering as well!

 All of our meals are prepared by our chef with love and care!  Don't send fast food or frozen processed meals!  We make hamburger steaks and meatloaf from scratch, we make home made mashed potatoes, fresh cut carrots etc.   Our goal is to use as little processing as possible.  

What occasion do you have coming up?
✅Shower? Birth of baby?
✅Family reunion? Tailgate?  Church function?
✅ Sympathy?  Surgery?  Get Well?


Each meal we deliver also comes with a greeting card if you would like one.  

Check out the menu HERE


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